1. Drinking my chai tea and looking at Fall melting Summer.


  2. Another from Ocean Grove

    August 9th 2013


  3. I could photograph the waves for hours.

    Ocean Grove, NJ.

    August 2013.


  4. This week we welcome two puppy dachshunds into our family.Their names are Lacie and Louis. I expect many more portraits to come of them.


  5. Quarter Century Shoot

    Maya and I teamed up again to celebrate the 25th birthdays of these lovely ladies in April: Lindsay and Whitney. Whitney’s personal style has always consisted of maximal velocities - bleach blonde bobs, chocolate brown extensions, Tiffany’s bling and smokey eyes. There wasn’t a question as to what her styling would be like. Lindsay on the other hand, a recently licensed yoga instructor, favours a softer side. Lindsay is no stranger to embracing her natural beauty, which is difficult for me to say the same. I think it was fitting that we played on that comfortable angle in her persona.

    I love these women.


  6. Quarter Century Shoot

    Erin, Brittany, Katie and I celebrated our 25th birthdays in February. I love any opportunity to play with my camera and lights so we had talented MUA Maya Methot help get the girls photo ready. When we discussed possible themes it was mutually decided that this should be a celebration of themselves - Erin worked her “feminine goddess”; classic Erin. Although I fully agree. Brittany’s personal muse was Lana Del Rey so Maya gave her a prominent red lip. Her red hair did the rest. And finally Katie here is rocker glam, two of her leading personalities in one.

    We had so so so much fun on this.


  7. Pigment Powder

    It was really exciting covering a model from head to toe in this medium to get an interesting portrait. This excerpt I think says it all. The process was pretty unmethodical at first, having never tried before. I found techniques helped towards the end such as using paintbrushes and straws the blow the powder in a controlled manner.


  8. “I want to be surrounded by beautiful things” -Diana Vreeland

    Testing still life skills with accessible objects in the house.


  9. Monarch Butterflies

    Summer of 2012. I heard many people were seeing swarms of them last summer. We were lucky to see about 40 of them outside our front door for a day or two.


  10. Pocaille

    plays at SAT back in February 2013 under a gigantic dome with projections. Get the full album here:



  11. Aerial

    October 2012 from my body and landscape series. If you can imagine for a moment strapped (many times over) in a Cessna with the door unhinged, leaning out with the wind fighting with your arms to keep a steady hand, this was it.


  12. Biodome 2013


  13. Wharf Road

    November 2012


  14. Frida at 2 months old



  15. Bonjour Paris

    Our original idea was to find an apartment available in posh Marais. My mom and I settled with a great looking place in Montmartre since we were very last minute with the booking. We couldn’t have been happier after having spent time in both locations. Marais is incredibly beautiful; high end boutiques and a stroll away from Notre Dame. But Montmartre is where you want to be for a long stay - the town is packed with indie designers, home to Sacre Coeur Basilica, high end dinning, and the famous Montmartre cemetery (One of the main burial grounds during the French Revolution and resting place to other infamous names such as Jean-Honoré Fragonard). Heads up fashion designers! Abbesses is overflowing with fabric stores!

    It isn’t likely you’ll want expensive meals every night; in Montmartre we had endless choices at dozens of nearby markets. Our mornings normally looked like this (a chocolatine, café crème and a quiche from around the corner).

    Bare in mind that tips are included in the price at restaurants in Paris. We found out this particular establishment charged nearly 50% extra for the service if you were to eat there rather than take out. Also, on the topic of coffee, unless you’re an espresso drinker you’ll have to be more specific when ordering a coffee. A café long or an amercano is the equivalent to ordering a coffee in North America.

    My first night in Paris didn’t yield much sleep, so at 6am I sleepily trudged up the hill to Sacre Coeur to watch the sun rise. The town was more or less asleep minus a few shop owners, street cleaners and groups of boys drinking their last rounds for the night. There is a image in here of my view.